• The Variety of Pool Fences

    Glass fencing around the swimming pool is a great way to ensure safety while relaxing. The fully transparent fence will not spoil the appearance of the pool or the landscape in general. It can even serve as a beautiful decoration if you choose a glass with an unusual design.

    There are several main types of fencing, and accordingly, the main methods of their installation.
    The Frameless Pool Fencing
    The Frameless Pool Fence
    - Frameless fence. This type of fencing involves the mounting of the glass panels at the bottom of the structure. The main advantage of this way of installation is the feeling of weightless glass. Such a fence retains maximum transparency. In turn, the frameless mounting method can be divided into such main types as:
    - Open fasteners (the mount is a part of the overall design);
    - Hidden fasteners (they are closed with a special camouflage panel);
    - Fastening at the aluminum profile. This rather simple and beautiful mounting method involves fixing glass panels onto a profile immersed in the ground.
    The Framed Glass Fencing
    The Framed Pool Fence
    - The framed glass fencing is held by metal racks, between which the glass is placed. This mount is more reliable, but it does not allow making the fence completely transparent.

    The choice of the pool fencing type depends on the wishes of the client. It is impossible to say unequivocally which type of fencing is better. It depends on the personal preferences of each person.

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