• Skylight Windows

    Windows are an integral part of any dwelling. They provide daylight and fresh air penetration. Attic often serves as a living room or place of rest. For this reason, windows are also required for this room. Moreover, the view from the attic window is usually very beautiful.
    Skylight Windows
    Skylight Windows
    When choosing roof windows, it is worthwhile to focus on their mechanism, frame material, and glass quality. Such windows are located almost horizontally, in contrast to conventional vertical window systems. It determines the features of the mechanism. 

    There are several basic systems of such windows:
    Lifting skylights with locking at the top
    Lifting skylights with locking at the top
    • Non-opening window. It is used exclusively as a light source and does not imply the possibility of airing.
    • Sash with a rotating axis. The window is attached to the frame in the center from two opposite sides. When opening, one part of the window is outside, and the second - inside the room. Such a mechanism is most popular.
    • A lifting leaf with locking at the top. The window opens in an upward direction, where it is securely fixed by the mechanism, most often in a horizontal position.
    • Skylights with standard swing doors are similar to ordinary windows. They are less sophisticated but have a rather simple mechanism that you don’t need to learn to use.

    An equally important role is played by the window frame material. It should be chosen while taking into account the material of the roof in order to keep both the roof and the window in good condition. The durability of any window depends on several factors. Proper care will extend the service life of skylights. It is also very important that the window is made of high-quality materials and by high-quality equipment. The professional level of installation masters is also of great importance.

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