• Sandblasted Patterns - How to Care

    Sandblasted patterns at the glass and mirror look very beautiful and elegant. They can be colored and ordinary white, depending on the individual tastes of each person. Such tracery is used for the decoration of mirrored cabinet doors, glass partitions etcetera.
    Use only soft cloths and sponges to clean glass and mirrors
    Use only soft cloths and sponges
    Sandblasted areas of glass or mirrors have a pleasantly rough texture. They can be distinguished not only by their elegant appearance but also by the characteristics of their care. After all, it is important to keep the glossy surface smooth and radiant, and the matt surface must stay clean and well-groomed.

    First of all, you need to protect the sandblasted patterns from any fat. For this reason, it is better to place such a tracery on those parts of the product, which you do not touch with your hands. For example, sandblasted patterns are perfect at the top or the bottom of the cabinet mirrored door.

    The choice of a cleanser is important. In no case, you should use abrasive detergents. They can damage the frosted glass surface. It should be cleaned with the help of special alcohol-based glass cleaners. It is worth choosing colorless substances so that the dye does not remain on the rough surface of the mirror or glass. Solvents are also not suitable for cleaning sandblasted drawings.

    Similarly to abrasive powders, you can not use rough sponges and hard brushes. A soft, lint-free cloth is the best instrument for this purpose.
    Proper care will keep the glass furniture shining
    Proper care will keep your furniture shining
    The following of these simple rules will keep the product in excellent condition for many years. Also, do not forget that the durability of mirrors and glass, as well as their resistance to external impacts, depends on their quality. Therefore, the choice of quality products is the first step in the care of them.

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