• Colored Mirrored Coatings

    A mirror is a piece of furniture designed so that anyone can see oneself reflection. However, this is not the only way to use this wonderful product. If you want something unusual, you should think about the mirrored floor, for instance. Or you can use a mirror as a table cover.

    Mirrors of different colors
    Color Mirror
    Since the mirror is made of glass, it has such important practical properties as resistance to water, dirt, and scratches. For this reason, it perfectly performs the function of a protective coating for any furniture.
    Don't be afraid to experiment and choose colored mirrors. Mirror coating reflects the rays of light, which later scatter around the room. If the mirror is colored, the room will be filled with colored sunbeams.
    The mirror coating is suitable not only for horizontal but also for vertical surfaces (for example, mirrored furniture looks very nice). If the presence of a large number of highlights is not desirable, you can use a frosted mirror. It can also be colored. Matt mirror will only slightly reflect the light, creating a muted glow.

    Blue mirrored table top
    Color Mirrored Table Top
    In addition to various monochrome and gradient shades, you can use an antique mirror. This option is suitable for decoration of the room in the old style. There is also the possibility of creating a textured color mirror. The textured coating will not be very comfortable for the table, but at the other furniture, it looks very beautiful.
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