• Mirrored Frames Types

    Frames made from a mirror can be a great decoration for a picture or a photo. It is also a good way of framing a mirror since it can increase the plane of the mirror and at the same time decorate it. Such material gives opportunities for various ways of design and experiments. You can have a game with the shape and color to find the most suitable option.

    Design Options

    • The most classic way to design a mirrored frame is a flat mirror surface, which is at an angle to the picture or mirror. Such a simple, but very beautiful design reflects the picture itself and the interior items. If you use such a frame around the mirror, you can get a triple reflection.
    • Concentric squares, rectangles or circles (depending on the shape of the picture) can also serve as an excellent frame.
    • Frosted patterns. If you want the mirror to be as light as possible and take up little space, this method may be to your liking. The beauty is that the frame can be simply “drawn” on the mirror by matting. Such a frame in the shape of an ornament looks very nice.
    • You can also use a mirrored mosaic as a frame. This method can look particularly advantageous if you use colored mirrors.
    • Volumetric patterns and compositions allow an unlimited number of new and original frame solutions. Such a frame can have mosaic elements or consist of textured glass.
    • A colored mirror can be combined with all the listed options. The choice of color greatly affects the appearance of the frame. A well-chosen shade can completely transform it and emphasize the merits.
    • It is also worth mentioning options such as antique, gradient and matte mirror.
    All of these ways of design can be combined or used separately. Whatever you choose, a mirror, as a material of a frame, guarantees a beautiful play of light and an expansion of the visual space.

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