• Glass Tile Backsplash

    The kitchen backsplash is located directly above the work surface. Therefore, it must be resistant to moisture and dirt. For this reason, the most popular materials for decorating the kitchen walls are ceramics and glass.

    The glass backsplash can be a whole glass plate or a glass tile composition. Laminated glass can withstand a sufficiently strong mechanical impact. Even if it is damaged, the fragments will be blunt and will not hurt anyone.

    The glass is resistant to moisture and various bacteria and fungi. It is not scratched and easy to clean. Glass tile allows you to expand the visual boundaries of the room. Therefore, it will look especially good in a small kitchen. In the case of limited space, you can also use mirrored tile. However, it will be a bit more difficult to maintain, since dirt is more noticeable on it.

    The glass tile kitchen backsplash can be any color. The choice of color does not affect the quality of the glass coating. Such tiles can be matte or glossy depending on the preferences of the client. It is possible to use photo printing or combine tiles of different colors.

    If you are thinking about installing a glass tile backsplash, you may also be interested in a monolithic glass backsplash with photo printing, which imitates the tile. It can be quickly installed and has no tile joints. At the same time, it can depict any color and shape of glass or ceramic tile.
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