• Glass Facades

    The use of glass in the design of facades of buildings has recently become quite fashionable and widespread. Translucent structures create spectacular glass facades for large reputable buildings, such as banks, offices, hotels, shopping malls, exhibition halls, entertainment, and fairgrounds. But private houses, villas, and cottages can also have such facades. This is an indicator of their owners' image and presentability.

    The transparent design allows you to expand the visual space of the building. By using tinted glass, you can provide the effect of privacy. From the street, passers-by will see only their reflection. But the people in the building will see the world around them. This will increase the amount of light and visual space in the room.

    The high-quality triplex is used for the manufacture of the facades. This material is not subject to the negative influence of the sun, temperature, water, and corrosion. It is also resistant to hits. Such structures are durable and do not require special care, unlike ordinary brick walls do. The glass provides thermal and noise insulation, while light can pass. Such a material is safe as it does not ignite.

    If desired, you can use the glass coating for an existing facade of the house. Clear glass adds brilliance and originality to the exterior of the building. Moreover, the glass protects the walls from destruction. So that is the way to save your energy and money.
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