• Frosted Glass Backsplash for Kitchen

    The glass is the best material for a kitchen backsplash. It will protect your wall from dirt and will be very easy to clean. In addition, the glass is resistant to high temperature, which is very important in the kitchen. You cannot accidentally scratch such a coating with a knife. Laminated glass is hit resistant and safe. By virtue of these qualities, the glass can be considered a durable and convenient protective coating for kitchen furniture.

    If you are attracted to all the practical characteristics of the glass kitchen backsplash, but you do not like the glossy shine of glass, then you should like the frosted glass coating. There are several ways to create such glass, including mechanical and chemical. However, regardless of the method used, the main purpose of such processing is to create a rough surface. For example, in mechanical sandblasting, this result is achieved by striking the glossy surface of the glass with sand grains or another abrasive.

    While hitting the surface of the frosted glass, the light dispels. It makes the surface of the glass not so shiny and more harmonious with matte furniture. In addition, the frosted glass is less transparent. Thanks to this, you can even hide the defects of the wall behind such glass. A matt backsplash can be a great accompaniment for your interior, which will make your mood better every day.
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