• Glass Kitchen Backsplash: Painted or Printed?

    If you’re looking to add a touch of class or a splash of color to your kitchen, then our selection of glass backsplashes are the solution you’ve been searching for.
    It shouldn’t really come as any great surprise that colored glass splashbacks are now the modern design choice for many interior designers, as they offer a sleek, stylish alternative to more common finishes. This not only allows room for a greater amount of creativity but provides a long-lasting vibrancy to brighten and enhance any room. Furthermore, with the continued expansion of coatings and effects that are now available; in addition to the vast array of shades and hues, glass is now a welcome alternative to traditional wall tiles.

    We are extremely pleased to be able to offer a complete bespoke service for high quality digitally printed glass splashbacks, opening up a level of creativity and aesthetic expression that just wasn’t available before.
    With the emergence of digitally printed glass backsplashes, an entirely new array of amazing options is available for those who are searching for that unique look in their kitchen, bathroom or, in fact, anywhere in the home. The state of the art glass printers that we use are able to produce highly detailed content of your choosing, with sharp vivid colors and seamless transitions from one hue to another and all of this on 6mm toughened glass.
    Furthermore, our high-resolution imagery process means that no matter how large your project, it will still maintain its high quality and be visually stunning.
    From something as simple as a motivational message on a plain background to a complex scene from your favorite movie or tv show.

    We have carefully considered every step of the process involved in measuring, purchasing and fitting your kitchen backsplash. Do not hesitate to contact us and get all the information.
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