The invention of optical glass immediately made the humble Swiss watchmaker Pierre-Louis Guinan a famous and wealthy man. He moved to Paris and there he began to manufacture his signature glass.

    Hundreds of people came to Ginan to find out the secret of his production, but Ginan adamantly refused to say anything.

     Optical Glass
    Optical Glass

     When the last hour of Pierre Ginan arrived, he called his sons and grandsons and said to them:

    - My children, I do not want to take to the grave the secret that made me rich and noble. I alone on earth know how to weld homogeneous transparent glass, without stripes and bubbles ... I entrust this secret to you. Take care of it!

    It turned out that in the pot where the glass is boiled, Ginan lowered the clay rod, with which he mixed the molten glass and expelled the accumulating gas bubbles from it.

    So here is the secret! After the death of Ginan, the heirs tried to keep production secrets. But it so happened that their friend and companion, one of the best glassmakers in France, Bontant, left Paris during the 1848 revolution and went to England.

    There he settled in the city of Birmingham and began working at the glass factory of the Chance brothers, to whom he told the secret. And through the relatives of the Ginan family, connected with Germany, the secret of the old watchmaker penetrated into this country.

     Optical Glass Factory
    Optical Glass Factory
    But all those who inherited the secret of Ginan were not concerned about the fate of science. Just like the old Ginan, they were only interested in profits from production. They continued to carefully guard their "family secrets."

    That is why for more than a hundred years on the whole globe there were only three places where such glass was produced. These were: the famous company Parra-Mantua in Paris, the Chance brothers factory in Birmingham and the company of chemist Schott in the German city of Jena.

    All other countries were forced to buy glass from these holders of the Ginan secret.

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