• "Glass Style" - the Style of Your Home

    Glazing of terraces and gazebos is a wonderful option of protection from adverse weather conditions, which provides the opportunity to spend a pleasant evening in nature, giving a feeling of freedom, in warmth and comfort.

    At the same time, glass terraces and gazebos become a practical and aesthetic decoration for the garden. Such works of art are safe and capable of withstanding the maximum load of snow and wind in any weather.

    Rotating-sliding and folding sliding glass systems allow you to optimally use your winter garden and terrace all the year-round. You can enjoy nature in any weather: in bad weather, you will have optimal protection, and you will not have to give up a beautiful panoramic view.

    Glazing a balcony, gazebo, terrace or pool - there is nothing easier! At that such rooms can be glazed in whole or in part.

    If your home is surrounded by an attractive landscape that you want to admire in any weather, use the solid glazing option. Making out the arbor of the winter garden, do not forget to warm the floor and walls, as well as conduct heating. Specialists will help make any ordinary part of the house much more attractive.


    Advantages of glass terraces and gazebos:

    - any gazebo or glass terrace will serve you for more than half a century, without changing its quality and appearance;

    - fire resistance and environmental friendliness: the mounted glass does not burn, does not melt and does not emit any toxic substances;

    - in the glass structure, a sliding system for glass doors or sashes can be well mounted. At that, these doors or sashes can be fixed in various positions.
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