• Why do We Like Glass Blocks?

    An astute reader will probably ask: why is this material so good? And we will honestly answer him: first of all, by its accessibility, practicality, and reliability. In addition, it is also environmentally friendly and fire-safe products. Glassblocks have many other advantages:

    Glass Block Application
    Glass Block Application

    1) the ability to combine effectively with various finishing materials and textures, as well as interior design styles;

    2) such glass protects well from moisture and splashes, creates certain privacy, or even, if you want, an intimate atmosphere;

    3) glass blocks have high strength compared to standard glass;

    4) glass blocks are simple and technologically advanced to manufacture and, as a result, have a very affordable price;

    5) choosing the right type of product, we can widely regulate such an important indicator as light transmission, which depends mainly on the surface and color of the glass and can vary from 50 to 85%;

    6) how not to recall the durability of glass blocks? After all, glass is able to "live" more than a million years!

    Glass Blocks in the Interior
    Glass Blocks in the Interior

    And what a huge scope for design ideas this material gives! In addition to differences in color, size, shape, and type of surface, it is possible to fill glass blocks with various decorating elements and combine them.

    A huge moisture resistance, resistance to temperature extremes, fire, decay and corrosion, the effects of aggressive environments! Dust or dirt cannot get inside the block.

    Glass blocks can be sources of additional lighting, and, finally, they are capable of absorbing noise and retaining heat due to its internal cavity, easy to install and maintain.

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