• Unusual Fences

    Street fences are a way to delineate the territory accurately, to ensure privacy and security. At the same time, it can be not only practically necessary subject. A well-designed fence can decorate your patio or other area and become its highlight.
    A Mirrored Fence
    A Mirrored Fence

    Glass fences, first of all, are able to provide good visibility of a beautiful landscape due to the transparency of the material. For this reason, they are widely used to create fences for the pool and terraces. However, glass may not only be transparent. It can be matte, or glossy, monochrome, or multi-colored. Also, any patterns or images can be applied to the glass surface.  It shows such ample opportunities for glass processing that allow creating the most unusual fences both for the street and for the interior of buildings.

    Washi Paper Laminated in Glass
    Japanese Paper Laminated in Glass 
    A very unusual way to protect a beautiful land plot is to install a mirror fence. The reflective surface can extend the visual boundaries of a certain part of the landscape, and thus create an amazing effect. For example, it may seem that the trees behind the fence are dotted with flowers, which actually grow on the other side from the trees. The mirrored fence can be solid or have some gaps. The visual effect will depend on the choice of the type of construction.

    Another interesting material for decorating a garden or yard is a rice paper. Glass fences made of Japanese rice paper laminated in glass will not only give you the desired level of privacy but also enchant you with their unusual appearance.

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