• Serenity Sliding Doors

    Serenity Sliding Shower Doors
    Serenity Sliding Doors

    Sliding glass doors are a useful find, which is used not only to enclose shower space but also to divide rooms or for other purposes. Serenity Sliding Doors have their own unique features.

    As the name implies, Serenity Sliding Doors are designed to provide comfort and convenience during use, as well as completely rid the user of negative emotions in connection with the use of products. The design of these doors is based on the safety of use.

    So what is Serenity Sliding Door? First of all, it is a frameless glass door. The absence of a massive frame makes the design easier and more elegant. The mount is based on a metal rail. One door leaf is stationary and is a supporting structure. A rail is fastened to it, along which the second door leaf moves.

    An important advantage of the system is the smooth and easy movement during the opening and closing of doors. It is due to a special open fastening system in which the large wheels move freely along a metal rail.
    Serenity Sliding Door System for Bath
    Serenity Sliding Door System
    Another important advantage of the Serenity Sliding Door System is safety. Special locks are designed to stop the sliding door in time. It protects the glass from strikes against the wall of the shower cabin and prevents the injuries of the hand. When you open the door, it stops so that the handle is at a sufficient distance from the next door. It eliminates the possibility of trauma, which exists in the case with conventional sliding doors.

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