• Mirror TV

    Mirror TV is certainly, a very useful and modern gadget that is able to provide your comfort, and at the same time, to decorate the interior of the house. In the off state, it is a normal mirror, but when you turn it on, it becomes an LCD TV.
    Different Modes of  Mirror TV
    Different Modes of  Mirror TV

    Most often, mirror TVs are purchased for the bathroom. It is easy to explain, because thanks to the glass surface and the tightness of the case, it is waterproof, unlike ordinary TVs. In addition, the bathroom always requires a mirror. If you install such a gadget above the sink, you can use it both as a mirror and as a TV. In the living room or bedroom, this TV will look no less harmonious and appropriate.

    As a rule, such TVs are made to order. It allows customers to choose the size, shape, and design of the product. A well-chosen screen layout relatively to the entire mirror area will provide the possibility to use the product as a mirror and as a TV simultaneously. Mostly, such mirrors are square, but it is not the rule. It all depends on your personal preferences.
    A Mirror TV Can Harmoniously Integrate Into Any Interior
    A Mirror TV Can Harmoniously Integrate Into Any Interior
    Another important advantage of a mirror TV is the versatility of the design. The mirror, as you know, is able to integrate into almost any interior ideally due to its ability to reflect the surrounding objects. Thus, you just have to choose the correct design of the frame of such a mirror, so that your TV fits perfectly into the existing interior.

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