• Bifold Hydroslide Shower Doors

    Sliding doors with proper installation can save space and provide convenience in the bathroom. It is not surprising that there is a large number of different types and modifications of such door system.
    Bifold Hydroslide Shower Doors
    Bifold Hydroslide Shower Doors

    Hydroslide shower door is the type of sliding door. As a rule, it is designed for built-in or modular cabins of a rectangular shape, as they are made of smooth glass. A distinctive feature of this type of door is the hidden sliding mechanism. The wheels, which the door moves on, are located inside the metal rail. Not only it provides an aesthetic appearance but also protects the mechanism from water ingress. Special limiters provide safety during use.

    The described door system can be used to create bi-fold shower doors. In this case, the door leaves are attached to the rail at the top by the wheels, and on the sides, they are fastened together by loops. Such a system combines the features of both sliding and swing systems.
    Hinges of Hydroslide Shower Doors
    Bifold hydroslide shower doors can be installed because of aesthetic appeal, or with the purpose to save space. In some cases, the swing doors would be very inconvenient. For example, there is not always enough space to open such a door freely. If the entrance to the shower is very narrow, the usual sliding doors are not suitable. In this case, you need to either create a special niche in the wall for the doors or just install folding doors.

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