• Reasons to Choose Glass For Your Railing

    1. Match any style
    A glass railing blends well with any style, adding elegance to a contemporary design, or minimizing the appearance of structures in a rustic design. Choosing the hardware you can also change the appearance of your glass railing.

    2. Easy Maintenance
    Glass Railings 
    A glass is a rather economical variant for the outdoor interior. It doesn’t fade and it is hard to damage. Compare the easy maintenance of glass with having to repaint or re-stain your wooden railings every few years and you can easily see the savings in cost and effort. Other than washing with a squeegee and a bit of soap, a glass railing is practically maintenance free.

    3. Safe
    Glass railing systems are perfect for keeping things in and out! If you have small children or animals you won't have to worry about them getting caught or stuck between the pickets. The glass we are offering is tempered glass which ensures that your railings are strong and durable.

    4. Custom design

    A glass is very customizable and gives the space for your imagination to create your own unique design. When you're designing your outdoor railing you can choose from different kinds of glass, including etched patterns, and choose the most suitable hardware finish.

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