• Sandblasted Glass

    Sand-blasted glass is created by spraying sand at high velocities more than the surface of the glass. This gives the glass a translucent surface area, which is typically rougher than that obtained by etching. During sandblasting, only the regions that are to continue to be transparent are masked for defense. The depth and diploma of the translucency of the sand-blasted finishing range with the force and variety of sand utilised. 
    These methods can be used on any type of tinted, extra-distinct, patterned or mirrored glass, toughened glass and laminated glass to acquire portion or all of the glass opaque.
    The pattern can be really basic, with geometric patterns (lines, squares), or more elaborate, according to your product Swing Shower Door Brooklyn.

    Positive aspects:
    A extensive range of opportunities with the selection of variety of glass and design
    You can contain the embellished glass in insulated glass device

    Sandblasted glass New York supplied by Artlook Glass can be utilized in many interior design and style applications in both residential and professional settings: doors, shower screens, partitions and interior screens, furnishings, and so on.

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